Your hosts:
the Platzer

Hotel from family for families, Avelengo

Familiäres Hotel Meran: Gastgeber & Team im Viktoria

With heart and love for the detail we are working every day to show you the beauty of our home and to make your stay at Hotel Viktoria a very special experience. We are looking forward to welcoming you (back).

Your Platzer family

Familiäres Hotel Meran: Gastgeber & Team im Viktoria

He is a man with great ideas and visions, but still he works silently in the background to keep our hotel up and running. Being the motor of the organisation he makes work smooth and takes care of professional service. Manfred is a perfectionist who focusses on every detail to guarantee extraordinary quality. Apart from his work, his family is his top priority, which is reflected in the warmth and passion he shows for his sons, that inspire his work and visions.

Familiäres Hotel Meran: Gastgeber & Team im Viktoria

The beautiful things in life are her passion and so she leaves her magical traces in the decorations of the house that give the place its special charm. Sometimes she may be looking for her left-behind mobile, but that is only a sign of her being totally focused on the here and now. Valeria is always willing to give a helping hand, wherever it is needed. She carries new ideas as well as full plates and supports the reception. She is your host welcoming you with a warm smile coming straight from the heart.

Familiäres Hotel Meran: Gastgeber & Team im Viktoria

Lukas is the visionary junior manager of the hotel and a precious piece in the well-oiled machinery of Hotel Viktoria. He focuses on the larger goals, always with a smile. He demonstrates a knack for understanding staff, is flexible and grounded in what he does – a man keeping our hotel running in every place and every position. Being a keen thinker he encourages professional development, has an eye on numbers and new ideas, calculating and strategically planning the future of the hotel behind the scenes.

Familiäres Hotel Meran: Gastgeber & Team im Viktoria

Max lives according to the motto: Save water, drink champagne! He likes to treat himself to a good drop (or two). At the moment he is abroad, but if he is at Hotel Viktoria, the early riser manages the service of the hotel. In the evening his area of service is the one who laughs the loudest, because Max entertains his guests and motivates them to accompany him on the lantern hike on Monday evening. On Thursday, however, he can only be reached via the sports car's hands-free system as he refuels on energy admiring the beautiful landscape passing by.

Familiäres Hotel Meran: Gastgeber & Team im Viktoria

Jonas is the one with sparkling ideas bringing a fresh breeze into the house. He thinks out of the box and his visionary spirit sets him apart. You want to know, where to find him? Wandering around the house in a chic suit or working out in the gym, where he does not only juggle with thoughts but also with weights. Jonas has left Hotel Viktoria to study International Hotel  Management, but there’s nothing to worry about: We are sure, he will come back.

Gourmet-Urlaub Meran - Hafling. Genuss im Aktivhotel.

Even if every one of the family is working hard: we couldn’t do it alone. That is why we are so happy to have our motivated team standing at our side. People who have been working with us for years with unwavering dedication and the commitment to the Viktoria philosophy. They are the heart and soul of our hotel and their genuine care creates unforgettable moments for our guests. Their hard work does not go unnoticed and is felt by all who walk through our doors.

Hotel Hafling bei Meran, Südtirol - Ihr Wellnessurlaub

Stronger together in our hotel for families, Avelengo

Being who we are, each family member adds his personal character and strength to the daily work at our hotel Viktoria. But it’s not only our family, each team member works with passion and motivation, as we have one common priority, one goal we are working for: your holiday happiness. With Hotel Viktoria’s philosophy in our hearts we offer you bucket loads of amenities to make your days at the hotel from family for families in Avelengo special.

It’s hard to say when exactly the history of Hotel Viktoria started, but it is sure that Ida Schwienbacher laid the foundations for the success of the hotel when she took over the Fülgenhütte in the year 1947 and took great care of the well-being of her guests there.

Familiäres Hotel Meran: Gastgeber & Team im Viktoria

The Fülgenhütte is renamed to „Viktoria“, honouring Ida’s first husband Viktor.

Familiäres Hotel Meran: Gastgeber & Team im Viktoria

Hotel Viktoria is expanded, renovated, and renewed under Ida and her second husband Willi.

Familiäres Hotel Meran: Gastgeber & Team im Viktoria

Son Manfred gains hotel experience and later takes over the hotel with his wife Valeria in 1998.

Familiäres Hotel Meran: Gastgeber & Team im Viktoria

Extensive expansions, including new rooms, a swimming pond, etc., take place.

Familiäres Hotel Meran: Gastgeber & Team im Viktoria

In 2017 the house is completely restructured, including a new building with a pool and rooms.