The values we share
at Viktoria

Viktoria – 4-star-superior
hotel Avelengo in South Tyrol

It is our goal at the Alpine Spa Resort Viktoria to make your stay memorable. At our 4-star-superior Hotel Viktoria we want to welcome our guests with heartfelt hsopitality.

Your Platzer family & team

Hotel Meran & Umgebung, Ihr Zimmer in Hafling.
Small things

We are sure that happiness often lies in the small things. That is why we do not only focus on the larger picture, but also on the little details. The beautiful things in your rooms that create the cosy atmosphere. The delicate highlights that are typical for our cuisine. But also the friendly smile that welcomes you to our house and that comes straight from your heart. With all these things together we hope to make your stay more than just a beautiful experience, but a memory to stay.


Nature is our strong partner and an inexhaustible source of inspiration. It was the foundation for the heartpiece of our resort: the waldSPA. Nestling in the beautiful scenery, this wellness area was created to let you gain energy from nature, to offer you relaxation in the soothing atmosphere of the forest. And to make sure that this beauty is preserved for future generations too, we do our best to protect the environment.

Hotel Hafling bei Meran, Südtirol - Ihr Wellnessurlaub
With heart

Friendliness is not only a virtue, but a way of life that comes from the heart. Our heartfelt hospitality pervades all our encounters – from welcoming you to the last goodbye. We are sure that friendly relationships are the basis for unforgettable experiences. Therefore we strive to put a smile on your face. To go to work with passion every day and make us and all of you happy.

Wellnesshotel bei Meran, Sporthotel Viktoria, Südtirol

You have the time and we want to offer you the suitable room. Spaces that inspire, where you can relax and make your holiday dreams come true. That is why we have thought so long about the design of our rooms and suites, from the first sketches to the last detail, we want to offer you all the comforts of home in the heart of the mountains. Where spacious public areas foster encounters with other guests and create a lively ambience. From the large relax zones in the spa to the wide areas of our garden landscape.

Gourmethotel Meran - Kulinarik im Sporthotel Hafling

We bring together what belongs together

In our 4-star superior Hotel Viktoria in Avelengo near Merano, we combine what is important to us into a unique philosophy, the so-called Viktoria spirit. All our employees and ourselves live according to it day by day and gladly pass it on to our guests. We do not want to be just an accommodation, but a place of longing, and we welcome you not as a guest, but as a friend in our home.